“You can now count Michael and I as one of your many satisfied customers of Only the BEST Builder, LLC. You and your team did an excellent job of rebuilding our home. Our special thanks to you for your tireless attention to detail and quality of the construction. You truly are a master builder and someone you would want involved in the construction of your home. And last, but by no means least, our special thanks for your patience in dealing with all of our phone calls and a superb job of coordinating the construction effort in your communication with suppliers and recommendations on interior features of the home. Again, thank you so much for your efforts on providing us with a beautiful well constructed home that we can be proud of and be able to recommend others for your services.” Best Regards, Ellen and Michael Bluesmen of Dresher, PA

“These guys just the put in my windows. Hands down the greatest work and workers ever!!! Love the company highly recommend them. Fabulous job and quick and very neat as well.”  michelle lebreton

 “Only the Best Builder, LLC is by far the most reliable building company we have used since we moved in our house in 2004. Dean, the owner, is extremely easy to work with and he has fantastic ideas. His crew are great guys and very hardworking. They are always on time and they do not leave until the job is 100% completed.” – Google User

“Did a great job!   Got them for a new roof.  They Came quickly, best price I got, and cleaned up so you could tell they were there.   Very Happy!” Dottie A. Moorestown, NJ

“My wife is often difficult to please, as she herself is a perfectionist. In addition to wanting a perfect job, a substantial portion of her overall judgment always depends on the behavior and attitude of the workmen. They were all polite and business-like. There was no swearing or abusiveness, and very little arguing (at least in our presence). There were no blaring radios. There were sticklers for cleanup, both daily and at the end of the job–ranging from cedar scraps in the neighbor’s yard to the debris that fell into the (dangerous) attic. They went the extra mile to make it right. It’s easier to leave the bubbles in the EPDM, or ignore that cut that exposes the sheathing, but they fixed them all and Dave saved the ancient triple-tracks and nicely reattached them, even when we all agree in advance that they probably would not survive. It would have been just as easy, perhaps easier, to tear them off and leave it to the homeowner to replace them–sooner than desired. You personally checked on the job one Saturday; probably not a necessary trip but done just to touch base with me. You provided lots of explanations, reassurances and commitments. These intangibles are as important as the workmanship, and my wife was especially appreciative. I know that you are proud of your team, and justifiably so. Thanks.” Sincerely yours, Richard C. Burgess

“Dear Dean, Please find enclosed my check for the replacement of the roof on our house in Cape May. I am very glad that the job is completed, as I am sure that you are. It’s a bit of a trek down to Cape May, and a roof job means that you are totally dependent on good weather to make progress. While we have had some bumps along the road to completion, overall I am very pleased to have what I consider a quality job. There are two important features that I think differentiate an excellent builder/remodeler from the rest of the crowd. 1) Doing it right and using the appropriately best materials, even when the customer doesn’t really know the difference or will never see the effort that went into it. Even though I considered myself fairly knowledgable, I received the benefit of your attention to quality even when I did not know to ask for it. The use of the 5/8″ shakes when the previous roofer only used 1/2″ is an example. Other surprises include the custom-made heavy-duty copper drip edge instead of the inadequate one originally specified, and the use of clear cedar for the new window sills when most guys probably would’ve just used ordinary PT lumber. 2) Working smart and using creativity to solve unexpected problems, instead of covering them up or just blaming the other trades. The complicated corner kickoff flashing and diverter is one example, another is the new windowsills; when I refused to replace the windows altogether, a new and different design, solidly implemented– instead of a poorly executed patch– has given those old windows new life. All of your guys worked hard, and put in long hours. I was especially happy to have an excellent carpenter on-site most of the time, because so much of the job required thought and expertise way beyond re-roofing. Even down to the tiniest details that we discussed, Dave always did what he was going to do. In my experience, fully completing the punch list is not so common.” — Satisfied Client, Cleveland Heights, OH