Page of Shame

Bad Remodeling or Roofing We Have Seen

More and more we are called upon to Repair work done by prior Contractors. We also uncover or see prior work that Homeowners have paid good money for.

This Page will be dedicated to all those contractors who do work that is sub-standard.

Following is from a Project in Medford, NJ where a tree struck the roof of the house. The following pictures show the repair work completed by a Contractor who claimed to have 40 years experience.

This Contractor was charging to replace the rafters that were damaged. Note how they do not even sit tight to the damaged rafter. Installed to provide NO BEARING.

Multiple Jobs Done Wrong by the Same Contractor

In the below photos, you can see a myriad of improper construction. This was an addition they connected to an existing structure. The original contractor didn’t know how to frame a valley so he created a wall to terminate the addition into the old roof. This created a water trap, so the next solution was to box out the area.

The below images came from one house where they had a “friend” who did construction. Friends like this should be honest. By the way, the homeowner overpaid for the project AND got improper workmanship.

The pictures below were taken in January 2012. This hoe in Cherry Hill had a “BIG NAME” company do new siding, windows and gutters. The result you see below is from POOR WORKMANSHIP and proper understanding of construction. All of the windows leaked and the gutters pushed water INTO the house. This job was less than 5 years old. It caused around $40,000 worth of damage!

PLEASE don’t let this happen to you! Know who you are dealing with. Most companies sub-contract to the cheapest guy. We HIRE and employ OUR people to do the work. Our team will care for you house as much as you do!